Thursday, May 18, 2006


The Big Week

Rodeo Week has begun! The big parade kicked it off yesterday afternoon. Our church distributed 1000 bottles of water to the thirsty marchers and viewers. Here are some of the highlights.

These guys are part of the Santa Rosa Palomino Club. They do precision drills on horseback. The horses are gorgeous, and the riding is awesome. The church treasurer, David, is a member of this crew. They are the highlight of the parade, and always perform at the rodeo

The best floats are made by the banks. This year's theme was "Land that I Love." this float depicts a Texas Prarie. The cactuses are playing guitars.

Here are the ranch hands from Waggoner Ranch. We were watching the parade with a friend who works at the ranch. He told us that this fellow told his coworkers he could ride backwards the whole parade. I don't know if he made it.

Here's another cool float from a bank, I think.

It's the Taco Casa car!

The harvesters come to town to harvest wheat. They enter their equipment in the parade. These guys are from Kansas. See the guy on the back, with the ball cap on? Seconds after this picture was taken, the arm on the grain dispenser thingy started moving. He almost fell off. Don't try this at home!

The Santa Rosa Rodeo Parade is not the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. But it's our parade. It's Texan, and sweet, and great fun even in 100 degree heat!

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