Sunday, May 28, 2006


I Went Back to Ohio

Chrissy Hynde sings, "I went back to Ohio, and my city was gone."

Chrissy is the lead singer for The Pretenders--she was one of my idols growing up. Ohio girl, moved to London, became a famous rock star. She grew up near Akron. I grew up near Cleveland.

When she returned to Ohio for a visit, she noticed how suburban sprawl was spreading and taking the farmland away. She wrote "My City Was Gone," which is the song Rush Limbaugh uses for his bumper music coming out of the top of the hour break.

Anyway, I'm going back to Ohio, for a week anyway. Thomas and I are flying up, and I am speaking at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church next Sunday. It's the 50th anniversary for this church, my mother church, and they've honored me by asking me to be a part of the celebration. The others who have become ordained have all spoken as well. I'm the only woman, though.

Some things I hope aren't gone when I go back to Ohio? Malley's Chocolates. My High School building. Stadium Mustard. Terminal Tower. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Amish Country (where I had the pleasure of living and working). The people I love. And my mom and dad's cat, Maggie (who used to be MY cat--they kidnapped her from me).

I will enjoy getting out of this 100 degree heat for a week. I'll be back for a week. Then it's off to Georgia and Alabama for a good old southern style General Assembly. Ought to be fun.

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