Saturday, May 13, 2006


My Son, The Rodeo Clown?

We read in the paper about a contest being held by the Nocona Boot Factory Outlet store for kids to be junior rodeo clowns at this year's rodeo.

What happens is this...Sometime in the middle of the rodeo, the Bull Riders and Rasslers take a break, and it's time for the Mutton Bustin'. Small kids ride the Mutton as the cowboys ride the bull. Whomever stays on the mutton long enough wins.

In addition to having the mutton busters, they also have junior rodeo clowns. Thomas is too big to be a mutton buster, but loves clowning. So I pointed this out to him, and he's really wanting to give it a try. So Wednesday, after the big parade, we're going to the Boot Store with Thomas all decked out in clown gear. Keep your fingers crossed!

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