Thursday, June 01, 2006


Back in the Saddle Again!

My former new best friend Richard never did call me back. But I made new friends from Dell, Nancy and Austin. They were very helpful, and did as I commanded them. I learned a valuable lesson about how to treat the employees at a call center. If you laugh and joke, and make fun of yourself, when you get to the point of saying, "You know, let's skip that take the plug in and out test and just do the hard drive diagnostic," they might just disagree with you.

Turns out my parents' hard drive was defective. Dell sent a technician out the very next day to replace the hard drive. I was impressed.

We had Texas-style thunderstorms here yesterday. That was fun. Tonight, we'll go to my brothers. Friday, we'll go to the Murray Hill art festival. The Murray Hill neighborhood is Cleveland's Little Italy.

Still hoping for a laptop someday soon. Where would I like to be right at this moment? Typing this blog in the Book and Bean, which is a cool coffee shop here in Berea. It's very close to the college, and has free wi-fi. I was jealous of those that had laptops as I browsed the eclectic mix of used books and sipped my coffee. I could hang out there all day. It's just the kind of place I would have loved to have had to go to while in High School. A book-lover's paradise. It had that wonderful smell--the mixture of coffee and well-loved books. I must go back there today!

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