Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Day of Frustration and Grace

We made it to the complimentary breakfast on Tuesday morning. We had to pack up and check out, as we were traveling to Cordele later that day. We caught the shuttle to the convention center and picked up where we left off at the exhibition hall. Got a videotape about the DaVinci code that we can share with a Sunday School class.

I was able to connect with my college friend, Jeff, who was my “weather iguana” on college radio. He is a part of the production team hired by our denomination.

We watched the debate on the Peace, Unity and Purity Report.

Again, don’t believe what you read in the paper. Ask me, not the AP.

My problem with the PUP report is that it wants to take our system and governance, which is connectional on a national level, and make it more congregational--or make local governing bodies more autonomous. I would have joined the UCC if I wanted that! It passed. Of course it passed!

That was the frustration. The grace came from a friend from my presbytery, who hugged me and told me it was going to be OK. Joan is as appalled as I am, but she was able to see beyond what I could see, and I am thankful for that.

Feeling slightly dejected, James and I headed out of Birmingham, but were so physically and emotionally tired we only made it as far as Macon. We stayed there for the night before heading to Mom and Dad Hodsden’s for a break from GA.

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