Monday, June 19, 2006


In Birmingham They Love the Guv'nah

We pulled into Birmingham and met James’ parents at the hotel they were staying at. Great to see them again. I last saw them in Myrtle Beach in October, during the days of Hurricane Ophelia (my first hurricane).

Shortly after, James and I headed for the Alta Vista Hotel, one of the hotels recommended by our denomination. When we pulled in, I saw our Executive Presbyter, so we said “Howdy!” I think he was shocked to see us.

The Alta Vista is a hotel that probably had its heyday 20 to 25 years ago. It is built high on a hill, and we have a great, high view (thus an alta vista) of the city of Birmingham. Absolutely gorgeous sight in the night. The city lights look like stars. Saw some familiar faces in the lobby. We ordered some buffalo wings for dinner, and watched Glenn Beck. I took the chance to hop online and look up the next day’s events at the General Assembly. Looked like an interesting day ahead. Then I goofed around for a bit. Went outside to enjoy the beautiful view--love to go outside at night. It was quite late when I hit the hay.

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