Thursday, June 01, 2006


My Shirley Temple Phase

I admit it. I wanted to be Shirley Temple. There was a time when I actually thought I could be. I took ballet, jazz, and tap, with the hopes of overwhelming Hollywood with my stunning beauty and great talent.

I never did make it to Hollywood, but a few years after this photo was taken, I discovered radio. And I mean I discovered radio. I would listen to the deejays, and I would be so impressed with the way they spoke, how much they knew about music, the prizes they got to give away--I wanted to be just like them.

When I went to college, I intended on a broadcast television career--that's where the few jobs in the field were, after all. But I fell in love with radio all over again. And, I'm not modest about this, I have an awesome radio voice. I worked everything from Gospel to Heavy Metal, finally settling into jazz for my final radio job. I also recorded several "press 1 for the sales office" type recordings during those years. Yes, I was the lady who told you which button to press for certain country clubs and manufacturers.

I am still in love with radio. I did voice one commercial this fall. Because the announcer for all the other commercials during the football game was the same person, it really made it stand out. I hoped at that time that the owner would hire me on the spot, but he didn't. I might talk to the competing station. I'll take a poll. Who thinks I should do a little bit of radio again? Raise your hand!

I do I do!!!
Well, thanks Randy. At least one vote of confidence.
you can't do radio again without
chuck the weather duck.

anonymus fan
I would never leave out my baby brother!
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