Sunday, June 18, 2006


To Birmingham

We left Minden after a delightful lunch with Gary and his wife, Terri. We traveled through the rest of Louisiana, and I saw my first bayou. Then we entered Mississippi at Vicksburg. They have a wonderful welcome center along I-20 as you enter the state. It overlooks the Mississippi River. Vicksburg is a place I’d like to vacation sometime. Besides the important history that took place in Vicksburg, there are some neat looking little shops, and a lot of southern hospitality.

We saw two things we never see in our part Texas--water and trees.

A funny thing happened in a Wendy’s somewhere in Mississippi. James and I have a theory that if the service at fast food restaurants is bad, then the economy must be pretty good in that area (all the good workers have jobs). We ordered some food. I got a value menu burger with cheese. The conversation with the counter waiter went something like this:

James: I’d like the .99 burger with cheese.
Countergirl: It comes with cheese.
James: I know, I’m just saying what is on the menu.
Countergirl: It comes with cheese.
James: No mayonnaise please.

When the cheeseburger comes back, it has mayo and no cheese.

Meanwhile, a lady comes walking into Wendy’s and the following conversation takes place:

Lady: I’m back because I didn’t get my baked potato.
Countergirl: Yeah, I can’t believe you left without that.
Lady: Well, it was my husband, and he didn’t check the bag before he left.
Countergirl: (Yelling to fellow slacker) Hey, can you make a baked potato?
Slacker in Back: Uh, I’m already making one, so no.

The economy must be great in that part of Mississippi.

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