Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water has been getting some pretty stinky reviews. But from the moment I saw the preview, I knew I wanted to see it. Now that so many are saying, "Ugh, it's horrible," I can't find anyone to see it with me. I'm resigned to seeing it by myself, which is O.K. too.

Hollywood Jesus has a review of the film by Rick Bonn. He calls it M. Night Shylamen's deepest, funniest, and warmest work. Shylamen birthed the script from a fairy tale he made up for his own children. It seems to have been quite the labor of love for him.

Bonn believes this movie to be of great spiritual significance. He writes, "For this viewer, the movie was a holy prayer, a poem of peace, a transcendent fairy tale, and an intrusion of the ancient-saving-other into my perilous, rational, violent times. It is one of the great spiritual films of our new millennium and the viewing of it was miracle for meā€”that rare experience of being transformed in a darkened theater. "

In these days when we watch the news and see the painful events in the Middle East, how important it is to remember the ancient-saving-other who entered our world to bring salvation.

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