Friday, July 28, 2006


Rev Gals Hot Five

Here's the answer to the five RevGals questions for this week.

1. What's the high temperature where you are today?
It's 101 degrees right now, but will surely reach 105.

2. Favorite way to beat the heat:
Drink fluids and enjoy the airconditioning.

3. Evaluate this statement: "It's not the head, it's the humidity."
Absolutely true. 105 and dry is better than 80 degrees and 95% humidity. I've lived in both. The major difference is that the dry heat makes you fatigued if you stay out in it too long, while the humidity just makes you sticky.

4. Discuss one or more of the following: sauna, hot tub, sweat lodge, warm-stone massage.
I will hot tub anytime, anywhere. I'd really like to try a natural hot spring sometime, though.

Saunas are great in the wintertime. I recently read that in order to get some of his quirky moves to play Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp locked himself into a sauna at 250 degrees. Talk about dedication to a role!

5. Hottest you've ever been in your life.
112 degrees, here in Texas, summer of 2003.

Non-temperature related bonus: In your opinion... who's hot?
Keifer Sutherland is hot. And I've always thought Bob Dylan was hot.

whoohoo you are hot for sure in Texas.
Texas is hot, but I don't know so much about me! :-)
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