Monday, July 24, 2006


School Starting Soon

A little over a year ago, the Texas legislature passed a law requiring schools to start after Labor Day, unless they had an exemption approved allowing them to start earlier. I heard that all school districts but one applied and recieved the exemption. So this year they said, "No, we really mean it. We're going to be tough on exemptions."

Guess what? It's July 24th, and school starts here in three weeks. I'm just wondering how many school districts didn't receive the exemption!

The school district in our area didn't get an exemption (Fort Bend Independent School District). So school starts here August 21! This is the southwest surburban area of Houston.

Actually I think we are the only ones NOT to get an exemption. Our school board was divided on the issue--and a lot of other things.
Congratulations! You're the first I've heard of that didn't get the exemption. Perhaps some kind of special award from Governor Goodhair is in order?
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