Friday, August 04, 2006


Broadway Friday Five

1. Describe the last play or musical you saw. (At least provide the what, when, where, and why). What was your opinion of it?

The last play we went to see was called Physics for Poets. It was about a college professor, who is working on a Ph.D. proposal on William Blake, and finds herself struggling with questions about her life. It was a reading in Quanah, Texas. We saw it because a friend was reading the lead role, and because I love William Blake. It was enjoyable--and quite the accurate look inside the world of academia.

The last musical we saw was Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby (her farewell tour). We saw it in Dallas as part of the Dallas Summer Musicals. It was, of course, as wonderful as could be. A great first exposure to musical theater for my son.

2. All time favorite play? Musical?

All time favorite play: You Can't Take it With You I love the lunacy.

All time favorite musical: It's a toss-up between The Music Man and Oklahoma.

3. “The Producers,” “The Philadelphia Story,” “Hairspray,” “The Wedding Singer”…all were movies before they were musicals (okay “The Philadelphia Story” was a play and then a movie, and they changed its name when it became a musical, but whatever). What non-musical movie do you think should next get the musical treatment?

Ohhhhh, don't forget Spamalot! A few years ago, I would have chosen The Holy Grail, but they did that. How about The Godfather? It has potential. But it could also turn out really poorly.

4. Favorite song from a musical? Why?
This one is a little obscure. One Night in Bangkok from Chess. It has a good beat, and I like to dance to it.

5. The most recent trend in Broadway musical revues is to construct a show around the oeuvre of a particular super-group or composer, where existing songs are woven together with some kind of through story. The most successful of these (“Jersey Boys” (The Four Seasons), “Mamma Mia” (ABBA), “Movin’ Out” (Billy Joel)) have made a mint, but many (“All Shook Up” (Elvis), “Hot Feet” (Earth, Wind and Fire)) have bombed. What great pop/rock singer/composer or super-group should be the next to be featured, and what might the story-line be for such a show?

Meatloaf would be perfect. His songs are already overdramatic, and there is a lot of storyline built in. High School romance could be a plot line. Maybe have the principle characters grow up, come back to their reunion for some of the newer stuff. It would probably be one of the worst productions ever.

Bonus question for singer/actors. Favorite part you’ve ever played/sung.
My favorite role was the most recent. This was not in a well-known play, but a quick dinner-theater production the community players we are a part of did last fall in our town. I played Trixie LaRue, a call girl with a heart of gold, in a play called Don't Print That. It was set in the late 1800's, and I had a horrible costume--a purple and black number that looks like the dancing girl outfits you can wear when you get an "old west" picture taken at tourist traps. It was fun for me to play, and I think fun for the congregation to see me in this role. Got called "Trixie" for a while after that.

Meatloaf is a great idea!
Thanks for playing the Friday Five, Sara.
Darn! I forgot Music Man, which has my favorite line: "Singing is just talking slow"
Well done well done. Hadn't even thought about MeatLoaf, what a great and funny idea.
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