Friday, August 04, 2006


On the Road Again...

Updating on the road is difficult, so I am several days behind, here.

Yes, we are on the road again, this time driving from the Lone Star State to the Buckeye State.

Our first big adventure occurred in Oklahoma when we blew the rear passenger tire. Fortunately, we were just about 12 miles away from civilization. After hubby put the spare on, we drove to a Sam's Club and were able to purchase a new tire. Still, it put us behind about a half a day. We drove on through Oklahoma, enjoying lunch in Tulsa, and finally coming to a halt in Springfield, Missouri.

In Springfield, we discovered a restaurant that couldn't be healthy. Culver's makes something called "butterburgers," and also fresh custard. I indulged in both, and thought about flogging myself for said indulgence. Delicious!

More tomorrow on traveling through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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