Friday, November 24, 2006


Clergy Burnout

Here is a very important article on clergy burnout. Honk if anything in it sounds familiar to you.

I've often thought that the devil must work overtime to try to plague the lives of pastors, seeing that they're attempting to bring people closer to God, and that the only thing that can save a pastor is God's grace. I can't imagine how many times a day you must pray for the strength to endure.
It's even doubly dangerous, I would suspect, for bivocational pastors -- those who hold a full-time job and pastor a church on the side. It's tough enough being a bivocational youth pastor.

Interesting that Drucker mentions university presidents as having a similarly tough job. As one who has worked with four univeresity leaders ("chancellors," in my case) over 16 years, I would agree. They face similar challenges as pastors, although it's much more complex and politicized in a public university setting -- and unfortunately, without the spiritual support many pastors receive from their flock (even if it isn't enough).

OK, just read this. Yikes!
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