Wednesday, November 22, 2006


From First Things

From page 14 of the November, 2006 issue of "First Things."

The Dead Are With Us
by Gwen Hart

The dead are with us when they sing.
Though we can't see them anymore,
they sing in very little things.

They sing in clinking wedding rings,
in zippers of the clothes they wore.
The dead are with us. When they sing,

we hear their teaspoons jangling
in the corners of our kitchen drawers.
They sing in all the little things.

Their voices are not sparkling,
not melodious or pure,
but they are with us when they sing,

and we prefer that--anything!--
to silence, to the words no more.
We look for every little thing,

each pocket, box we can explore.
We feel them with us when they sing,
and that is not a little thing.

Yes, the dead are with us every day - in our thoughts and in the memories that are in our hearts through the little things in our lives. Thanks for sharing!

This is delurking week at RGBP, make sure you drop in and comment to your fellow brothers and sisters on the web ring!
The clinking teaspoons rang home for me -- the other day I was looking for something in my kitchen drawers, and I started thinking about all my inherited kitchenware...all the stories. This summer I broke one of my mom's Pyrex bowls -- it was the green one, the one that we, and I, always made Christmas cookies in, always stored leftover soup in -- and I just started to cry.
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