Saturday, November 11, 2006


Go See This!

The children's movies of late all seem to be the same thing over and over again. I know this isn't just my opinion. Many parents I talk to feel the same way.

Last night, we took our son and several of his friends to see "Flushed Away" in honor of my son's ninth birthday. You must see this film, especially if you like British humor.

It's been a long time since I've really laughed and laughed at a children's movie. Yes, there are always jokes meant for adults which make one chuckle. But this movie was full of delightful little details that kept me on my toes. I want to see it again just to scan the background for things I missed.

The plot was a whole lot different, but a whole lot the same. What was the same as the others? Animal gets thrown into an environment not his own, and learns to live and love in a different world, learns how to work with others, etc., etc. Valuable lessons to be sure.

What was different? It didn't feel preachy. Ever.

Go see this.

I'm definitely with you on Flushed Away .. can't kids just have fun at the movies anymore withed being pounded over the head with a message? I definitely had fun at this one
Yes, Flushed Away is certainly worth the money... and more. On the theory there are only so many unique plot lines, I was expecting some kind of "Prince and the Pauper" or "Town Mouse Country Mouse" riff. But it was completely different from either familiar plot.
Not only was the story line creative, the very details of the production design were creative. There are so many creative throw away jokes in the set decoration that I kept wanting to scream for someone to hit the pause and rewind button.
This is one I'm buying as soon as it comes out on DVD.
Paul and Reel,

The funny thing is, I read a review saying this particular movie was just like all the others!

And Paul, you are absolutely right about the production design. There was so much to see in the background! I loved the books on animation in one scene. My son noticed the lego man which was tied to the front of the boat at the end. I am sure the pause button on our remote will get broken when we purchase this DVD.
Cool, thanks for the tip!
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