Friday, November 10, 2006


Preach It, Peggy!

I've boo hooed the election. I've lamented. Yes, I am a Republican, probably one of the few in my family. Probably one of the few Republican female clergy. It's a pro-life thing for me, and a 9/11 thing for me, for the most part. (Please don't make any comments here about the Republicans being pro-life until birth--that kind of talk is very unhelpful.)

I was a Democrat up until 1996. Voted straight ticket. Said I'd never vote Republican. Then again, I said I'd never move to Texas.

Thanks to Peggy Noonan, I'm feeling a whole lot better today.

Remember when there was a Democrat in the White House, and a Democratic House and Senate? There wasn't much accomplished. The best thing to happen to Bill Clinton was the revolution of 1994 (as much as I hated it at the time).

I'm sure some things are going to happen which I won't like. John Bolton might not be confirmed, even though moderate Republican George Voinovich has changed his mind, and Bolton has proven not to be the maniac some in the Democratic leadership would have him to be. Judges will be more difficult to confirm.

I really hope that there is bipartisan effort for the next couple of years, and not just a bunch of showboating and stalling. I hope the newly elected representatives and senators behave. I hope they, as Peggy Noonan says, "Take responsibility, and love America."

Peggy Noonan is the best. Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen this one.

Cheers from another Republican RevGalBlogPal!
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