Friday, April 20, 2007


Return to the Blogosphere with Rev Gal's Friday Five

I cannot believe how long it has been since I've posted. I doubt anyone really checks anymore. So I am attempting re-entry into the blogosphere with this weeks Rev Gals Friday Five.

Tell us about five people, places, or things that have brought surprising, healing joy into your life.

The keyword above is "surprising." No offense to my family and friends, but the joy you bring into my life is not surprising. You all live and breathe joy into my life, and the only surprise about that is that God cares about me enough to send you my way. So I'm focusing on the truly surprising sources of joy--geographic locations that have stirred my soul.

1. The Gorgeous Texas Plains
I never saw a sunset like the ones we have here in Texas. There is nothing like driving westbound on a flat plain and seeing that red sky go on forever. The breathtaking beauty I get to soak in is a source of joy.

2. The Teton Mountain Range

The jagged edges of these mountains, the wildlife, the fresh air, the wildflowers, the sounds of birds. I tremble.

3. Crossing the Mississippi River
I've done it many times, and in many places. Each time I do, I'm reminded of how, in a relatively short amount of time, people settled throughout our country. I am in awe of the ingenuity and persistance of those settlers long ago, and feel a deep sense of gratitude that I can enjoy moving about this country freely.

4. New Year's Eve in Times Square
I am an introvert. The last place you would predict for me to be is at Times Square on New Year's Eve. But when our friends David and Laurie got married, that is where the church was, and that is the date they picked. I so enjoyed being there. People on the street were not nearly as drunk as I thought they would be, and everyone was so optimistic and joyful--it was contagious.

5. Holmes County, Ohio
The largest concentration of Amish people live in Holmes County. It was a joy to be near them, to enjoy their handiworks, their good food, and their gentle nature.

Beautiful! Welcome back!
I've only seen the Mississippi twice, and it is awe-inspiring. Glad you're posting again!
I too am a tranplanted Buckeye--and I still bleed scarlet and gray ;)
Originally from Columbus, lived in SW Ohio for 25 years; now in the Adirondacks.
I second your Holmes County item! Here, here!
peace out, QP
"Welcome back" isn't the right sentiment since I wasn't with the RevGals when you were posting before, but what the heck...welcome back! Great play--thanks for the visuals!
A belated "Welcome Back."
People don't drink that much in Time Square on New Year's Eve because they have to stand inside the barricades for seven or eight hours with no way to leave and use the restroom...hence not so much drinking.

I love Amish country in Ohio as wife is from Zainesville
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