Friday, May 04, 2007


Friday Five--It's My Party

Tell us these five things about parties, birthday or otherwise.

1) Would you rather be the host or the guest?
The guest. I get a bit frazzled trying to get everything ready, and can't enjoy myself. I guess I'm a Martha.

2) When you are hosting, do you clean everything up the minute the guests go home?
No. No. No.
Will you accept help with the dishes?

3) If you had the wherewithal, and I guess I mean more than money, to throw a great theme party, what would the theme be?
I just shared a really amusing book with my son about John Hancock, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. So I think I'd like to have a Revolution Party, where everyone had to dress up like people from that era. Powdered wigs and all.

4) What's the worst time you ever had at a party?
Probably in Junior High School. Oh, the drama!

5) And to end on a brighter note, what was the best?
My wedding reception. To be surrounded by all those people that love and support me, and that we love too.

Jnr High age parties should be outlawed- for the parents as well as the kids!
It's great that you had such a wonderful time at your wedding. What a great memory! I was way to stressed, frazzled and pissed at my Maid of Honor! I'd totally elope if I had to do it again!
A 1776 party! My family would love that, great idea!
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