Sunday, February 03, 2008


Superwhat? I Chose Supermovie!

I'm a Browns fan. So whatever is going on at some stadium somewhere tonight matters not to me.

For reasons I will explain in another post, I spent this past week in bee-yoo-teh-full Cleveland, Ohio. My son and I flew back Saturday, and James came to pick us up Sunday morning. I knew the Superwhatever was today, but was in no mood to see the Pats and the Giants. What I was in the mood for was U2.

God has used U2 in my life for 23 years. When I heard that there was going to be a 3D movie of a U2 concert, I was thrilled. I had the opportunity, thanks to my husband and son, to go and see it at an Imax theater today in Dallas. It was money and time well spent.

I've never been able to see U2 live--now I feel as though I have. Fabulous! If you are near a theater showing the film, you must go. Must. From the opening "Vertigo," to the finale "Yahweh," I was captivated, and even moved to tears in places.

It is coming to Wichita Falls in a couple of weeks, and our church is taking a group. Did I mention that our church is awesome like that? You can check to see where it is playing near you here.

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